The science of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics is important because of its great potential to improve health at the individual, genetic-subgroup and population level. The application of this science in the Asia-Pacific region is still in its infancy and the knowledge base is small. The great cultural and genetic diversity in the Asia-Pacific region makes the task of improving knowledge in these fields even more challenging. There is therefore a need to bring together researchers and health professionals into a collaborative framework to foster this novel field of science and develop proper tools for its translation into practice.





  • Promote the science of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration amongst researchers, clinicians and nutrition industry working in this field in our region.

  • Organisation of the biennial Asia-Pacific Nutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics conference.


•A thriving and collaborative nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics research community in the Asia-Pacific region

•Consumers have a better understanding of the science of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics and how it could be used to benefit their health and well-being


•Health professionals are properly educated and accredited to  utilise nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics science responsibly and appropriately in their practice


•Nutrition Industry is better informed to provide safe and effective products appropriate for personalised nutrition.