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A member of APNNO will be eligible to receive:

(i) 25% discount on publication fee charges when submitting papers to the journal "Nutrients".

(ii) Notification of APNNO conferences and other related activities.


Please fill in the registration form below and send this application form by email to :

Varinderpal Dhillon (  and Harry Freitag (


Name                               :

Title                                 : Prof. / Dr. / M.Sc / B.Sc/Mr/Ms

Institution/affiliation       :

Status                              : Lecturer / Researcher / Lab Techinician / Student / Other.. (please mention)

Country                            :

Mailing address                :

Visiting address                :

Work Phone                      :

Mobile Phone                   :

E-mail                              :


The annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Standard membership:       US$50

  • Student membership fee:   US$25


The preferred option is to pay online to the APNNO account by direct electronic transfer of funds using the following account identification details :

  • Name of Account Owners:            Asia Pacific Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics Organisation

  • Bank name:                                 Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • Bank Branch Address:                  96, King William Street, Adelaide, SA, Post Code 5000, Australia

  • Account Number:                         1205 8120

  • BSB-Number:                               065 000

  • SWIFT Code (also known as BIC): CTBAAU2S

  • IBAN number:                              Not required in Australia    

An email confirming that we received your membership form and fee will be sent to you within 7 days of receiving your membership fee.

Note 1: If required you can change your membership data by sending us the the updated information by e-mail.

Note 2: You can also obtain free membership for two years by registering as a participant at the APNNO bi-ennial conference

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